If you have a requirement for Loop End Wire Ties, look no further!


    Don't settle for less for your wholesale galvanized wire!


    Wire Ties are made of dead-soft annealed wire - piable, yet tough; easy to twist, but hard to break. Some of the many industries presently using the Black Annealed ties are: Construction, Pre-Cast and Pre-Stressed, Bagging and Bundling, Foundries, Carpet & Textile, Fencing, Paper and packaging.




    The same strength as our others, but made from corrosion resisnant zinc-coated wire This is the tie with the long life for pre-stressed concrete, marine use, scallop bags, gabion boxes and any appication where length of service is important.

    From 3'' to 20'', 16 & 17 Gauge, in a variety of finishes, we manufacture them all!

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    Square and Rectangular Tubes

    Leader in the manufacturing of high-quality steel pipe and tubing products in Puerto Rico.

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    Adding quality and value to all of our products.